U15 Rep B Thanksgiving Tournament Rules

General Rules and Regulations:

  1. All teams shall submit, prior to their first scheduled game, a signed “Official Team Roster”.
  2. Only players whose name appears on the official team roster may play. Any affiliated players not already listed will be ineligible to play.
  3. Each team may carry a roster of up to 19 players including 2 goalies.
  4. Sweaters: Each team must bring home and away sweaters to every game and be dressed 15 minutes prior to game time. When team colours conflict, the home team will be expected to change sweaters.
  5. Dressing rooms must be vacated twenty minutes after the end of each game. Rooms will be inspected and should any damages occur, team officials will be held responsible.
  6. All HEO Minor rules apply and will be enforced for all players, coaches and parents.
  7. All referee’s decisions are final.
  8. Referees, timekeepers and scorekeepers are assigned by SSMHA.
  9. SSMHA and its officials, officers and designates accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents or injuries to participants, spectators or their property or belongings. 

Game Rules and Regulations:

    1. Each Tournament Game will consist of three ten-minute stop time periods. There will be a two-minute warm-up.
    2. If a goal difference of more than four is registered at any time, running time will then prevail until such time as the goal differential is below four.
    3. In Semi-Final and Championship games, if there is no winner after regulation time there will be a 5 minute 3 on 3 overtime period. At no time will a team go below 3 skaters and a goalie.
    4. If there is no winner after this time then the game will be decided by a sudden death simultaneous shoot out. Each team will choose another player to shoot one at a time until one team prevails. All players must shoot once before a player can shoot again. A player in the penalty box at the end of overtime will not be permitted to take a shot in the shootout.
    5. Timeouts: There will be no timeouts permitted during Round Robin games. For Semi-Final and Championship games, one 30-second time-out per team will be permitted.
    6. During Round Robin play, teams will be awarded points in the following manner: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
    7. In the event of a tie after the Round Robin, the following tie breaker rules will be applied:
      1. If only two teams are tied, refer to the game played between the teams – the team that won the game wins the tie breaker. If more than two teams are tied, or if two teams are still tied;
      2. Formula of Goals For divided by Goals For + Goals Against will be used to break ties (GF/GF + GA). A maximum of a 5 goal differential per game will be used in the calculation. The team with the higher number wins the tie breaker. If still tied;
      3. The team with the least goals against wins the tie breaker. If still tied;
      4. Refer to the game played between the two teams. Teams that scored the first goal wins the tie breaker. If still tied;
      5. The team with the least penalty minutes wins the tie breaker. If still tied;
      6. In the event that two teams are still tied, then a coin toss will determine who wins the tie breaker.
    8. Teams will move on to the Semi-Finals and/or Finals based on the following:
      1. 1st place team from the pool advances to the Final.
      2. 2nd and 3rd place teams advance to a semi-final
        1. The winner of this game advances to the Final.
      3. 4th and 5th place teams play a consolation game.
    9. Home teams for Semi-Final and Championship games will be decided based on Round Robin standings, using the tie breaker rules if teams are tied.