Tournament Resources

A ZIP file has been provided to assist you with the organization of your tournaments by providing some generic information. This ZIP file includes the following:

1. Invitation letter
2. Rules and Regulations
3. Registration Form
4. Information on what voluteers are needed
5. Fundraising Letter
8. Tournament Tree
9. Volunteer Information Sheet (for day of the tournament)
10. Possible Booth Sign Up sheets which includes: 50/50 stands, loonie stick,  lunch.

The ZIP File can be downloaded here.

What this section does not include is that as the coordinator of the tournament you are also responsible for:

1. Accepting the registrations
2. Bring all checks sent to you to the treasurer who will then give you a check for the amount of the checks.
3. Pay for the ice that you use – Ensure you have informed the township of the amount of ice you are using.
4. Pay the refs. The Referee In Chief will be able to give you a list of the refs and the cost per game.
5. Send a list of game times and when you want the ice flooded to the township.
6. You need to purchase trophies, medals or whatever you have decided to use for your participants, winners etc.

These are examples only. If anyone has anything to add to this section please send it to Lee Charlebois and it will be added it to this section pending approval. Thank you for your help.