2022/23 Registration

This year, registration and payment will be done completely online.  The registrar is working on getting everything set up for our association and hopes to have everything up and running within the next week.  In order to give you time to plan ahead, here is the essential information you need.  We will do our best to email everyone who was registered last year; however, it is strongly recommended that you follow our webpage to receive email updates to ensure you are informed. To register, please go to the Hockey Canada registration site here; https://page.hockeycanada.ca/page/hc/heo/district-2/south-stormont-mha/participant/1ece8426-cf7a-6b36-9222-02f1899482f4https://page.hockeycanada.ca/page/hc/heo/district-2/south-stormont-mha/participant/1ece8426-cf7a-6b36-9222-02f1899482f4

Tryout fees –

$75.00 Rep and Tier 2 (U9- U13)

$50.00 B or Tier 3 (U9-U14)

$50.00 Rep (U15 and U18 as there are only B and Rep in these two age groups)


Birth Year2016-20182014-20152012-20132010-20112008-20092005-2007
Age4,5 and 6 yrs7 & 8 yrs9 & 10 yrs11 & 12 yrs13 & 14 yrs15,16 and 17 yrs
Before July 1$500$700$700$750$750$750
July 1-August 31$600$800$800$850$850$850
After August 31$600$900$900$950$950$950

There will be the possibility of paying in 3 installments, as always, with the first payment being transferred by July 1st.  This will be a 3rd of the registration cost.  The second amount would be due by August 1st, and the last payment, by September 1st.   More information on the payment will be provided with the registration package. 

As always, if your son or daughter is trying out for a higher level of play team, you can send a post-dated cheque.  Further information will be in the registration instructions.