Equipment Manager

Peter Bowen – Equipment Manager


1)  Shall have a vote at all management committee meetings;

2)  Shall be responsible for a current inventory of all hockey jerseys and equipment owned by the 
association and report semi-annually concerning the condition and disbursement of same;

3)  Shall be responsible for the dispensing of hockey jerseys and equipment at the start of the 
playing season, the return of same at the end of the season and the storage and upkeep of same 
during the off season;

4)  Shall be responsible to oversee the procurement process for new jerseys and equipment;

5)  Shall be responsible for the maintenance, display, disposition and upkeep of all trophies and the 
trophy case of the association including the engraving, delivery and return of said trophies;

6)  Shall perform any other duties as required by the President.