EOHU Red Zone Update

Dear Players, Parents and Volunteers of SSMHA:

As most of you are aware, EOHU will be moving into the Red Zone as of Monday, March 29, 2021 for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Because of this change, we have been discussing with the Township and among the executive as to what happens next. The township has decided that due to the fact there would only be 3 weeks left in the season at the most after the Red Zone that the costs are too high to continue the arena operation.

As an executive, we had discussed prior to reopening on Feb 28 as to what we would do if we were placed back into the Red Zone or lockdown and it was our intention then to call the season.

We met this evening and have decided that our last ice times for this year will be Saturday, March 27, 2021. Our rental schedule runs from Sunday to Saturday each week and by finishing on Saturday all players would have equivalent ice times.

We will not be making up any ice times for any team that may have missed an ice time within the winter session.

We remind all participants that the COVID protocols and processes are still in place and must be followed when participating within SSMHA hockey programs.

We will be calculating refunds based on the following:

  • Fee for winter session – $250 per player
  • Expectation of weeks for the session was 12 and the number of ice times per week was 2, so an expected total of 24 ice times.
  • Actual weeks provided is 4 with 2 ice times is a total of 8 ice times.
  • Refund is $250 * 16/24 = $166.66 per player

We will not be holding the amount as a credit toward the 2021/22 season. We will be refunding the amount by EFT and the password will be SSMHA. The EFT will be done per player, so if a family of 3 players then you will receive 3 EFTs.

Refunds will take some time to process and will be completed as quickly as possible.

If the player has a jersey and/or equipment to be returned, then that refund may be withheld until return of the jersey and/or equipment in satisfactory condition to SSMHA.

If you participated only in the winter session, then the fee was $300 with the additional $50 being the insurance cost per player. This $50 will not be part of the refund calculation as the insurance payment has to be paid when the player is registered for the season no matter how many ice times were used.

As an executive, we want to thank all players, parents, coaches, trainers and volunteers for their participation and patience in a very unusual and trying season.

Yours in Hockey,

Robert Walker

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