Last Day for Registration Fee

Hi Players and Parents;

Please note that today is the deadline for payment of registration fees for the second half of the 2020/21 season.

Payment of this fee will secure your place for the second half and also allows us to make decisions as to what exactly our numbers are when constructing our groups and levels. Thus if you have registered but not yet paid, you are essentially on a waiting list that is dependent on openings available.

Some may be wondering why we are requesting the full fee if we are starting 3 weeks into the second half. Some of the options that we are reviewing is still offering a 12 week program (24 ice times) as being contemplated prior to the recent lockdown. This may be accomplished either by extending the season, additional ice times within the available or other means. If we are unable to provide the 24 ice times then the balance will either be refunded or transferred as a credit against the 2021/22 season. 

Please submit your payment to the Treasurer to ensure your spot!

Yours in Hockey,

Robert Walker
President, SSMHA

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