Message from SSMHA President

Dear Players & Parents

Please be aware that, as an executive, we are looking at all options and are considering various things and have already started that planning process for the second half. However, until our registration is completed for the second half, we won’t be able to make final decisions as to what and how our pods and bubbles are going to work. I realize that some folks are wanting a better answer than that, however, just like a “normal” year, final decisions can only be made once all of the registrations and other data are received and reviewed. As I noted, we are considering and discussing all options and possible tweaks but are unable to make any formal announcements until just prior to the season restart especially due to the Christmas holidays in the middle of the process. We will always try to provide programs that are acceptable and in the best interest of all of our players.

We all hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season and remain patient while we work through these unusual times.

Yours in Hockey,
Robert Walker

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