Second Half of 2020/21 Season

Dear Players & Parents:

We hope that you are enjoying the season so far and are making the most of it, especially during these unusual times. SSMHA is very pleased to be able to offer the ice times and programs and that the general feedback has been very positive.

Some are starting to wonder what the second half of the season will look like, and unfortunately, our best answer is that we do not know yet. We have started discussing various and all options including: a continuation of the programs as is; some tweaking to the current programs such as changing the teams within the bubbles; possible league play; etc. Obviously, all of this depends on the restrictions placed upon us by government agencies, however, we are trying to plan for all possibilities.

It is quite likely that we will not have any definitive answer until we are well into December and we ask for your continued patience as we determine what available options exist and which is best for our players.

Yours in Hockey,

Robert Walker
President, SSMHA

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