Teams, Schedule, and more…

First things first, on behalf of the SSMHA Executive we would like to thank everyone for their continued patience while we organize players into teams at all age groups and simultaneously build the ice time schedule.

Not unlike most things these days, we are working in uncharted waters and are working diligently to get a lot of information out to our membership – as accurately and expeditiously as possible – while keeping the safety of our players, parents and guardians as the top priority.

If you have registered a player with us, you should have heard from our registrar in recent days outlining important COVID-19 related information, along with what team your player is on and what ice times they will have for week 1 of the 2020 season, which starts on Sunday September 27.

Along with everything else going on, all minor hockey associations in Canada have been mandated to use the new Hockey Canada Age Division names. See below, a chart that will hopefully help clarify these name changes:

Year of BirthAge on Dec. 31, 2020Age Division Name
2014 and earlier6 or underUnder-7 (U7)
20137Under 9 (U9)
20128Under 9 (U9)
20119Under 11 (U11)
201010Under 11 (U11)
200911Under 13 (U13)
200812Under 13 (U13)
200713Under 15 (U15)
200614Under 15 (U15)
200515Under 18 (U18)
200416Under 18 (U18)
200317Under 18 (U18)
Hockey Canada Age Divisions

With that being said, SSMHA has decided (based on our number of registrants at the U18 age division) that it is best to create a U16 division. If your player falls into that age division, you will have been informed of that in the email referenced above.

We have published the ice time schedule on the Schedule page for Week 1. Weeks 2 through 12 will be published very soon.

If you have not received the email with the COVID-19 related information and your players team assignment and schedule for week 1, please email with the name of your player AND the age division that they belong to.

Once again, thank you for your patience so far. We are working very hard towards one common goal, and that is to get the players back to playing the game that they love. We ask for your continued patience, as we work out issues along the way.

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