South Stormont Selects – Special Report

As the Bantam Rep Selects wound their way home Thursday night from the Athens Arena, this reporter is sure the Selects were reflecting on their collective team win, a come from behind victory, in front a loud and sometime obnoxious home town crowd with a few interested hockey fans making the trip from Smith Falls and Brockville to cheer for the home town Leeds Chargers.

The win Thursday night was a true team effort from start to finish. Coaches, trainers, managers and players executing and improvising. It was a defining moment in solidifying the Selects’ resolve and demonstrates that adversity builds character and perseverance.

This Selects team has proved the above, time and time again this season and with the potential final game and championship on the line Saturday at 3:30 PM at the Long Sault arena; the coaching staff know the Selects have what it takes to band together one more time, to bend but not break and to bring the UCMHL Championship home to the Eastern Division of UCMHL (South Stormont)

The bench and coaching staff is deep and are prepared strategically and mentally to keep a calm yet business like demeanor with the players and referees. The Players are hydrating and using mental imagery to focus positively on the many hockey tasks each player will deliver.

The Chargers and Selects came out of the regular season as closely matched as any team has been in the league for some time. The Chargers got the nod for third place with one less tie then the selects. The stats were within one and two goals in the points for and against categories. The Charges lead the Selects with more penalty minutes.

This series is tied at 3 points each in the race to five points ….. you fans do the math.

The Selects represent the Green and White with pride and will leave it all on the ice this Saturday afternoon.

What a fantastic group of 13, 14 and just 15 year old players. Tons of heart and determination. Great work ethic and a never give up attitude.

Coaches, trainers and management have poured into this team and have a considerable amount of time vested in these teens, developing hockey players, but more importantly developing fine young citizens.

The scouting reports are indicating that this investment will pay dividends Saturday at 3:30 PM and for years to come.

The Selects hope to see you all dressed in green at the long Sault Arena ready to cheer for the home team for a game start of 3:30 PM.

Come early as parking is at a premium.


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